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Michon Fiberglass And Steel Entry Doors

Fiberglass doors that Michon offers provide the truly authentic look and feel of a wood door without any of the performance problems associated with natural wood products. Our entry doors are made of fiberglass-reinforced engineered materials that are resistant to dents and nicks. Unlike wood doors, fiberglass doors will never crack, swell, warp or rot. They can handle literally anything, from fly balls to speeding tricycles. Michon fiberglass door provides insulation performance that is four times greater than that of any wood door, and fiberglass has been proven to surpass wood in strength, durability and resistance to weather elements. It is also very easy to maintain. Actually, we are so confident in the quality and durability of our fiberglass door that we offer a 25-year limited warranty with every single door that we install.

Michon also offers steel entry doors. Masonite steel doors that we install are energy-efficient and will contribute to lower your heating and cooling costs. Masonite steel doors are the only steel edge doors that come with a true thermal break. Our steel entry doors come with a 15-year limited warranty.

All our doors are ENERGY STAR rated products.

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