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        Michon Custom Energy Efficient Vinyl Replacement Windows

        Michon offers a large selection of high quality replacement windows that not just conform to all strict thermal norms and requirements but, most importantly, exceed them. Our windows are truly beautiful and will certainly improve the curb appeal of your home with their large glass area, characteristic narrow beveled frame and, something that Michon specializes in, very elegant custom aluminum trim. Compared to wood and aluminum windows, Michon vinyl windows will never need to be painted, nor will they ever crack, warp, peel, fade, chip or rot; they are maintenance-free forever. New windows can make a dramatic difference in your home, not only because of their nice, attractive appearance and freedom from maintenance but, first and foremost, because they can considerably reduce your heating and cooling costs. This is exactly what Michon windows do-they are energy efficient in every sense of the word. When you install Michon windows, you will immediately see and feel the difference in your home: the unbelievably gorgeous look and the comfort it provides for anybody who walks in. Our windows meet all Energy Star performance requirements and will contribute greatly to the much improved energy efficiency, enhanced appearance and, last but not least, greater resale value of your home.

        Window Types We Install

        The windows that we install include stylish Double-Hung, Casement, Classic Slider and also Sliders with a Swing and Clean Option , Bay / Bow, Hopper, Awning and functional Tilt and Turn Euro Design windows and Patio Doors.

        Mezzo – Aesthetics and Technology Refined

        Michon Windows presents the Mezzo window by Alside that meets future energy star requirements today! Michon Vinyl Replacement Mezzo® Windows from Alside feature a thermally optimized narrow line frame and sash with a dual-pane insulated glass solution designed to meet stringent ENERGY STAR® requirements. Performance-engineered Mezzo Window feature integrated energy-saving technology throughout the construction. The fully fusion-welded frame and sash corners, insulated glass unit, thermally optimized frame and sash, non-conductive composite reinforcement, and multi-layer weatherstrippig together achieve an excellent all-weather barrier to seal out leakage.

        The elegant narrow line construction ensures maximum daylight visibility while advanced technological reinforcements deliver dependable strength while minimizing energy transfer.

        You’ll sleep well knowing that Mezzo’s enhanced forced-entry hardware and modernized screen and bulb design provide greater protection against insect and other undesirable intrusions.

        Strong, durable and weathertight, with the custom beauty you’ve come to expect from Alside, the Mezzo Window is in a class by itself – an affordable window with performance power above and beyond the rest. Plus, our impressive Lifetime Limited Warranty* delivers the peace of mind you would expect from an industry leader. *See printed warranty for details

        Features and Benefits

        Windows are roughly 80% glass, so it’s important to choose an energy-efficient glass system to seal off energy loss. Mezzo Windows with triple-pane insulating glass are precision-engineered for maximum energy savings, keeping your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer with less energy usage.

        Reduce Energy Loss and Increase Comfort

        Further optimize the energy efficiency of your Mezzo Windows with triple-pane glass protection. This high-performance design features a 1″ thick glass unit,* three panes of single-strength glass, two surfaces of Low-E (low-emissivity) technology, and two spaces of argon gas, along with the ClimaTech® ThermD Intercept® Stainless Steel Spacer for a powerful energy-saving shield. You’ll also appreciate the improved overall comfort and quieter indoor ambiance of your home.

        The Power of Glass

        The glass system in your windows can make a substantial difference. For example, Mezzo Windows with triple-pane ClimaTech ThermD TG2 glass technology are 52% more energy-efficient than clear double-pane windows.

        The National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC), a nonprofit organization and authority on energy efficiency of all manufactured products in the US, has defined uniform standards and labeling requirements for windows and doors in order for help you, the consumer, choose the best product for your home.

        Under NFRC’s Energy Star program, window products are independently tested, certified and labeled. The Energy Star program uses U-Factor, Solar Heat Gain Coefficient and Air Leakage to qualify products for certification.

        Michon triple pane windows with ClimaTech ThermD TG2 glass unit custom crafted in USA by Associated Materials in the Mid-West states in OH and IA.

        U-Factor 0.22 – measures how well the window prevents heat from entering or escaping the home. Ratings generally fall between 0.2 and 1.25. Windows with a lower U-Factor provide better insulation. U-Factor is important wherever you live, but is a primary concern for homes in colder Northern climates.

        SHGC 0.26 (Solar Heat Gain Coefficient) – measures how much heat from the sun is blocked. This number can range from 0 to 1 where windows with lower numbers reflect more heat. This is particularly important during the summer in hot Southern climates

        Air Leakage (AL) 0.04 CFM cubic feet per minute – – measures how much outside air comes into the home through a closed window. Rates typically fall in a range between 0.1 and 0.3*. The lower the air leakage number, the lower the potential for draft through the window.

        V (Visible Transmittance) 0.45 – measures how much light comes through the whole window. Ranging from 0 to 1, windows with higher numbers allow more light into the home.

        C (Condensation Resistance) 69 – measures how well the window resists the formation of condensation on the inside of the window. CR is expressed as a number between 1 and 100. The higher the number, the better the window is able to resist condensation.

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        The EdgeForce™ low-profile frame and sash creates an expanded glass area while internal chambers increase structural integrity, rigidity and energy efficiency

        CoreFX™ composite reinforcement helps reduce the transfer of energy while strengthening meeting rails and allowing for secure mounting of hardware

        Defense-Tek™ end-of-throw cam shift locking action delivers increased strength and protection

        Forecaster™ quickly directs water runoff, keeping the exterior of the window clean and attractive

        The HP3™ telescoping sill dam delivers protection from air and water infiltration, increases structural stability and enhances beauty

        Gatekeeper™ interlocking sash-to-sill technology delivers a unified wall of strength

        The Ocular ™ screen bulb seal eliminates light penetration between the screen and frame and aids in easy screen installation and removal

        A very high quality screen standard: the screen is made of heavy duty extruded aluminum and the spline is on the inside to keep it out of the sun.

        Maximum Protection = Minimum Air Leakage

        The Air Leakage (AL) Rating makes it easy to compare one window to the next. The lower the Air Leakage rating the less air will pass though the window unit. Mezzo Windows deliver superior protection with AL of only 0.04 CFM (cubic feet per minute) compared to the allowable air infiltration standard of 0.30 set by American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA.)
        When you compare Mezzo Windows to other residential windows you will see why Mezzo windows are and excellent choice to protect your home from energy loss year-around.

        Michon Mezzo window by Alside exceeds the 2015 Energy Starguidelines for all regions of the country with double pane glass and our industry leading 3X pane glass window significantly exceeds Energy Star guidelines.

        Map of 2014 and 2015 energy star climate zones for replacement windows and doors.2015-requirements


        • All Michon installed Mezzo Windows with triple-pane have ClimaTech ThermD TG2 glass technology that is 52% more energy-efficient than clear double-pane windows for even greater thermal efficiency.
        • Interior Color Options: Beauty and vision, performance and strength – it all comes together in Mezzo’s exciting collection of styles, colors and custom accents. Select from 8 stunning interior color options: White Woodgrain, Rich Maple Woodgrain, Light Oak Woodgrain, Dark Oak Woodgrain, Foxwood Woodgrain, Cherry Woodgrain, Beige and White interior. Interior woodgrain laminates are performance-engineered for superb durability that maintains its attractive appearance over the life of the product.
        • Exterior Color Options: Select with confidence from our 9 FrameWorks® exterior colors feature a cutting-edge polyurethane coating technology with heat- reflective pigments for a remarkably strong and fade-resistant finish: Architectural Bronze, English Red, Desert Clay, Hudson Khaki, Forest Green, American Terra, Castle Gray, Beige and White exterior color options
        • Full screens available (Full screens are standard on exterior color-finished windows)
        • Obscure glass options are also available
        • Designer grids enclosed within the insulated glass unit for easy cleaning
        • Classic and contoured Colonial, Diamond, Prairie and Double Prairie grid patterns available along with V-grooved cut glass

        Triple Pane Mezzo Window Detail

        Colors Options

        Beauty and vision, performance and strength- it all comes together in Mezzo’s Exciting collections of styles, colors custom accents.

        Our FrameWorks* exterior colors feature a cutting-edge polyurethane coating Technology with heat-reflective pigments for a remarkably strong  and fade-resistant finish. Interior woodgrain laminates are performance-engineered for superb durability  that maintains its attractive appearance over the life of theproduct.

        Exterior Colors

        Interior Colors

        Casement Windows are the ideal choice if you want to let more natural light into your house and have a larger, more open view of the outdoors. Casement windows have one big advantage; you can swing the entire window open, which is something other windows will not do. The amazingly slim profile offers a wonderful view from wherever you might be in the house and a stunning accent enhances the aesthetic appeal of your home. Beveled exterior sash design adds even more to your home’s curb appeal. Other features and benefits of casement windows include: step-down frame with inner compression bulb seal provides a tight seal during harsh weather conditions, low-profile, single-lever locking handle is easy to operate, sleek fold away crank handle will never get caught in blinds or curtains and is both functional and stylish, hardware is made of stainless steel. Our casement windows are available in a continuous mainframe with multiple-lite configurations and optional ClimaTech insulated glass package.

        Awning Windows combine style, simplicity and elegance of design to add the perfect touch of character and charm to your home. They can be installed higher in the wall than other types of windows, thus providing more natural light and ventilation and still letting you keep your privacy. Due to the way they are built, awning windows will not let moisture enter your house even when you leave them open during a rainstorm. Some awning windows feature friction hinges at both ends of the top edge, which enables the bottom edge to swing open. Among other features of the awning windows that Michon installs are: beveled exterior sash design which creates the appearance of a larger glass area with an attractive slimline look, fully extruded overlapping screen frame for superior ventilation and the sleek fold-away crank handle that will not get caught in blinds or curtains. All awning windows are available in a continuous mainframe with multiple-lite configurations. Michon’s own crew also installs awning windows with optional ClimaTech insulated glass package. Not only do awning windows offer a fresh, contemporary look but they are also backed by a Lifetime Limited Warranty.

        Bay and Bow

        Every Michon Bay and Bow custom-made window makes a beautiful difference. These three-dimensional windows create dramatic new looks, adding style to the exterior of your home as they expand interior space, light and view. Create instant charm with a cozy bay window reading nook, or offer a graceful setting with an elegant bow window. Regardless of your choice, a new Michon Bay or Bow Window can make any room more interesting, more personal and more livable.

        Michon Bay and Bow Windows are exceptionally energy-efficient, helping to lower your heating and cooling costs, increase the comfort of your home and even improve its resale value. And like all Michon installed custom products, they are designed for a lifetime of performance and maintenance-freedom. Our Lifetime Limited Warranty* is your assurance that we stand behind this promise. *See printed warranty for complete details

        Features and Benefits

        • Extruded vinyl frame and sashes help to increase energy efficiency.
        • 1-1/4″ furniture-grade veneer is standard in the construction of head, seatboard and jambs
        • 3″ pre-insulated seatboard option means a more comfortable home and helps increase energy savings
        • Slimeline reinforced mullion design provides superior strength and support for the selection components
        • Adjustable turn-buckle cable hanging system is designed to eliminate possible sagging or bowing and the need for external braces
        • Exterior roof system available with an optional copper or painted aluminum roof clad kit
        • Available in your choice of double-hung, casements or fixed-lite combinations.
        • Optional ClimaTech insulated glass packages available. Consult your window professional for the optimal glass package required for your home and climate zone