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    25 Years of Experience

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        Horizontal Siding

        The Best Exterior Vinyl Siding. Expert Installation of Prodigy Premium Next Generation Insulated Siding, Charter Oak Energy Elite Siding and Charter Oak Premium Reinforced Vinyl Siding

        The Best Vinyl Energy Efficient Insulated Vinyl Siding and High Quality Service

        All our siding will bring elegant beauty to your distinguished home, unmatched performance and durability. Prodigy’s Energy Efficient structural design delivers outstanding energy efficiency, thanks to the exceptional R-value up to 11/2’’ insulation.

        Superior insulation thickness means your home is quieter, too. Strength, integrity, and thick insulation significantly reduces outside noise, especially in high winds, heavy downpours and hailstorms. Robust cedar grain vinyl panels can create the ideal exterior for your home. You will get straight lines, fewer seams, flat walls and unsurpassed curb appeal.

        Our time-tested siding materials we install are durable and beautiful. Our siding panels will not rot, warp, shrink or swell thanks to their exceptionally engineered strength and weather resistance. Each part of a complex exterior system is independently impressive on its own, and when combined together become extraordinary. Designed to be both Maintenance-Free and environmentally friendly. All material installed by us has the Lifetime Transferable Warranty and Extended Installation Warranty (ask for details).

        Michon Siding offers an impressively wide selection, exceptional quality product of Premium Reinforced Vinyl Siding in Traditional Clapboard and Dutch Lap Panel Profile, Charter Oak Energy Elite 29+! Colors available in Matte, Oak Grain Textures, Smooth Finishes for Premium Reinforced Vinyl Soffit, Accessories, Trim and featured /TrimWorks corners/. If you believe details are important, you will be delighted with Michon installed Charter Oak XL siding. These 16′ 1/2 panels are 40% longer than conventional siding panels and 25’ Extended Length Panels. That means a cleaner, more attractive finished appearance with fewer overlaps. Your home will benefit from Charter Oak Energy Elite’s contoured foam underlayment that is rated for superior performance in extreme weather conditions.

        All Michon siding projects get Tyvek vapor barrier wrap and Custom field-fabricated flashing. Professional Services. Durable. Reliable. Affordable. Financing. Complete Home Exterior.
        The homeowner is guaranteed their entire project 100% Maintenance Free. Michon Certified Siding Windows Contractor continues to have great success in satisfying customers’ dreams and expectations, for over 25 years.

        Siding Design Showcase

        Horizontal Solid Core Siding with factory-attached Full Foam Back Insulation and improved energy-efficiency R-value (resistance to heat flow.) For more details visit prodigysiding.com

        Prodigy Vinyl Best One-Piece Insulated Exterior Siding System

        Features and Benefits

        • 1½” thick insulation* wraps your home in a thermal blanket of protection to help lower utility costs while providing a warm and cozy environment
        • The secure interlocking panel design provides a tight fit and clean, crisp course lines
        • Prodigy’s vinyl surface repels heavy rain while its insulating layer breathes freely to keep your home comfortable
        • 16’8″ extended panel length provides the look of natural wood and does not require face nailing or unsightly caulking. Maintenance-Free Lifetime Transferable Warranty*

        *See printed warranty for complete details.

        Vinyl Horizontal Charter Oak Energy Elite Insulated Siding

        Exterior Premium Reinforced Vinyl Horizontal Charter Oak Energy Elite Insulated Siding with field-applied Full Foam Back Insulation and improved energy-efficiency R-value (resistance to heat flow.) For more details look to Alside-Charter Oak Siding Energy Elite.

        Exterior Best Premium Reinforced Vinyl Horizontal Insulated Siding Charter Oak Energy Elite: “Engineered to Insulate and Protect.

        Features and Benefits

        • Features a precisely contoured insulating foam underlayment that reduces energy costs while keeping your home comfortable
        • Five times the impact resistance of traditional siding
        • Exclusive TriBeam® construction delivers superior rigidity, for straight and even walls
        • 500% more breathable than other insulated systems and will not absorb or retain moisture
        • Rolled-edge nail hem ensures superior performance in any climate and weather conditions
        • Lifetime Transferable Warranty* *See printed warranty for complete details

        Best Exterior Premium Reinforced Vinyl Horizontal Charter Oak Siding with reinforced Tri-beam system.

        Features and Benefits

        • Michon flagship siding product, combines authentic wood beauty with unmatched durability, performance and maintenance freedom
        • Exclusive TriBeam® Design provides superior strength and durability
        • The siding that changed the industry is five times more rigid than other leading brands
        • Charter Oak siding has been independently tested to resist Category 5 hurricane force winds
        • Charter Oak extended length panels can be used on their own or in combination with standard 12’1″ panels
        • Lifetime Transferable Warranty* *See printed warranty for complete details