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Insurance Claim

Michon Wind Storm Hail Damage Insurance Claim Recovery

If you had a wind, storm or hail damage, our experienced staff will assist you with a complicated insurance claim recovery process to maximize the results in your favor. Michon Exteriors will complete the replacement of damaged materials to make your home look like new again.

Most homeowners don’t think they have a problem simply because they haven’t taken the time or not sure how to properly examine and to identify damaged siding, windows, shingle roof or aluminum trim.

Qualifying damage may not be visible to the untrained eye, and many homeowners are not familiar with the approved damage protocols and inspection procedures. Without a professional evaluation, you could miss your opportunity to receive a fair settlement.

Michon Exteriors has identified and evaluated more than 1,000 properties since 1992. We work with most major property insurance providers and will help you to start the claim process today to promptly recover equitable value.

Contact us at (847) 233-9411 or via this web site for a free no obligation evaluation of your property.