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Request In-house appointment today and receive $ 50 cash.

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Vernon Hills, IL

Yes, You Can! Enjoy the True Look of Cedar, Without Maintenance and Upkeep Headaches

Enjoy the True Look of Cedar.

It could very well be that you’ve seen a house with Michon installed siding and assumed it was natural wood. It’s that realistic. You see, a defined texture of natural grain that lends an organic randomness while creating a natural shadowing effect for added dimension and visual appeal.

Michon Siding installed richly detailed Architectural Classics® specialty siding accessories commonly called shakes and scallops, are vinyl accent panels designed using historically accurate patterns and dimensions. They’re made to provide all the luxurious beauty of traditional wood shingle siding installations, without the required maintenance.  To give your home the benefit of greater energy efficiency, Architectural Classics, as part of Michon Complete Home Exterior System, expertly installed with  vapor barrier and 1/2 “ insulation, can reduce energy costs and deliver added comfort.

16 Montauk Ln Vernon Hills IL Best Ever by Michon Wow!

Customer had a serious problem with severe ice buildup above garage next to house west wall and due to short extended overhang, ice was going up the roof along the edges above garage, creating many leaks along perimeter if the garage and house/garage wall. Water drops traveled across beams popping up as water stains across entire 1st floor living area creating a lot of damage to the interior of the house.

After a very careful review that took several days and consultation with structural engineer from the Village of Vernon Hills, Michon Exteriors field-engineered solution that worked and still working many years later.

Water penetration fixed, our focus turned to aesthetical view of the front elevation. Judge for yourself how a combination of Charter Oak Energy Elite, in Clap profile and extra-long siding panels (less seams) in Colonial Ivory color siding panels and Architectural Shakes in same color worked.  Customer selected same color of siding and shakes to show a different shape and texture of a gable above the garage door vs. going with a different or color or just a siding.

Customer-selected family-friend mason contractor installed front elevation stone, and Michon carpenters prepared the walls and installed a very important element of the substructure: flashing to prevent water penetration from the connection points between stony and siding.  Michon also installed custom, beveled, overlap window trim.