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Bartlett, IL

1350 Marlboro Ct Bartlett Vinyl Siding

Siding and Windows Bartlett Illinois It is with full satisfaction that we present our latest project realized by Michon Siding and Windows, whose specialty, as a certified local contractor, is in the details. The job involved tearing off existing siding and installing Premium Reinforced Vinyl Siding Charter Oak Energy Elite XL 16’, 8’’ / Less Overlap / DL color: vintage wicker. All Michon siding projects get Tyvek vapor barrier wrap and Energy Elite insulation installed for maximum energy efficiency. It’s all in the details. The Gables with the visible accents ...

City: Bartlett, IL

255 McCook Ct Bartlett Custom Aluminum Trim

255 McCook Ct Bartlett Custom Aluminum Trim. Next happy homeowner with his “Split-Level” house that has a new look and lots more. Michon Siding Roofing Custom Aluminum Trim gave this house a new and improved spirit. Charter Oak DL Energy Elite provides maximum energy efficiency that ultimately saves you money while keeping your home comfortable and quieter year-round. Charter Oak is Alside’s flagship siding product looks like natural wood but has unmatched durability performance and maintenance freedom. Custom Aluminum Trim is installed as a beveled frame with an overlap system, ...

City: Bartlett, IL

223 East Devon Avenue Bartlett, IL

Michon Siding, Windows, Roofing, Doors Bartlett

Michon-installed Next Generation Premium Insulated XL long siding panels deliver fewer seams, straight lines, flat walls, unsurpassed curb appeal, Energy Star efficiency and overall tremendous value recognized by many homeowners. With Michon Siding & Windows each exterior detail is engineered and hand-crafted to provide optimal elegant beauty and performance.

One of the Focal Points of this project is Michon-Installed Porch Ceiling and Soffit.  Because of its exclusive TriBeam(r) System, Charter Oak is one of the most rigid vinyl soffit products on the market. It effortlessly spans uneven surfaces and delivers even course line while resisting sagging over long runs. Use Charter Oak soffit as an attractive, low-maintenance option for porch ceilings, overhangs, or focal points where you want to create high impact appeal. For eaves, specify Charter Oak ventilated soffit paneling. Aeration openings hidden inside the panel’s grooves provide the airflow needed to reduce heat and humidity build-up in attics.

City: Bartlett, IL