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Schiller Park, IL

3736 Emerson St Schiller Park Premium Reinforced Vinyl Siding

3736 Emerson St Schiller Park Premium Reinforced Vinyl Siding. Another successfully completed exterior remodeling project Michon Siding Windows Roofing  in Schiller Park. Complete tear off  old aluminum exterior and installed  new  Generation Premium  Reinforced Vinyl Siding  XL traditional clap panel profile  with ½’’ insulation  installed for adding energy efficiency and custom, field-fabricated flashing.  XL long siding panels deliver fewer seams straight lines, flat walls, unsurpassed curb appeal.  Michon Signature Custom Aluminum Trim installed as beveled frame with an overlap system and new gutters and oversize downspouts with each exterior detail are ...

4142 Scott St. Schiller Park IL

Challenge: Tutor style exterior, challenging mystic blue/white color combination selected by owner of a large colonial home. Also large gable area above garage doors needed to be split into smaller sections not to overpower front view.
All new Casement Windows, patio door all white /white trimmed with special custom aluminum trim and custom finish carpentry wood trim inside.
Also, very important to customer! Noise Reduction to reduce exterior noise, improve energy efficiency and reduce utility bills, and to make it a 100% maintenance free home.

  • Siding Charter Oak Energy Elite, color White and all Trim Mystic Blue.
  • All new Alside energy efficient Casement Windows and Patio door all white /white.
  • Siding Charter Oak Energy Elite, color White and all Trim Mystic Blue.

Michon Siding, Windows, Doors, Roofing, Custom Aluminum Trim
4130 Scott Street Schiller Park IL 60176
Tel. 847-233-9411 Fax. 847-233-0372

About Michon Exteriors: There is good siding, there is better siding, and since 1992 there is the superior Michon Complete Home Exterior System of siding, roofing, windows and entry doors of technologically advanced, environmentally safe, USA-made, time-tested, durable materials that work exceptionally well together with distinguished accessories and our signature custom aluminum trim installed by our own crew of master craftsmen.

Michon installed reinforced premium insulated XL long siding panels deliver fewer seams, straight lines, flat walls, unsurpassed curb appeal, Energy Star efficiency and overall tremendous value recognized by many homeowners. With Michon each exterior detail is meticulously hand-crafted to provide optimal elegant beauty and performance.

Michon residential roofing installation strictly adheres to factory-certified process for shingle and low slope membrane roof installation.
Michon installed performance-engineered vinyl replacement windows received the Consumer Digest Best Buy product of the year award for performance, ease-of-use, features, durability, warranty, efficiency, styling, maintenance, and servicing requirements.

Michon installed Euro Tilt & Turn Windows and Patio/Balcony Doors with authentic German-made locking hardware offer superior insulation, security and ease of operation. A single lever handle effortlessly controls the operation of the sash throughout its tilted, swung and locked positions.

Select with confidence from variety of finish textures, stain colors, and decorative glass options of Michon installed premium fiberglass Grand Entry Door System covered by lifetime warranty.

Experience the Michon Complete Home Exterior System difference for yourself. Contact us today and let’s get it done!