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May 2019

421 Timothy Ct Schaumburg Aluminum Siding

Aluminum Siding Schaumburg Talk about a revamp project! This one not only changed the look of the house, but also significantly improved living conditions inside for the homeowners. Michon Siding and Windows, certified local contractor, is a guarantor of detailed and precise installation. The New Roof: old shingles were torn off and in their place GAFELK Timberline Prestique high definition in Pewter Gray and New Ridge Cobra Vents were installed. The New Siding: existing aluminum siding was torn off and in its place Premium Reinforced Vinyl Siding Charter Oak Energy ...

523 Forest Preserve Wood Dale Aluminum Soffit

Aluminum Soffit Wood Dale A small and simple, yet important project. Michon Siding and Windows, certified local contractor installed a new Soffitt: Charter Oak Reinforced Premium Vinyl Invisible Vented Soffit in White. After tear down of the original aluminum soffit, openings were cut to allow a quick exchange of air in the attic, which automatically removes condensation, simultaneously lowering the temperature of the home. New Seamless Gutters and Oversize Downspouts along with Flashing efficiently remove water from the roof. The siding was updated with new vertical siding and custom field-fabricated ...

1350 Marlboro Ct Bartlett Vinyl Siding

Siding and Windows Bartlett Illinois It is with full satisfaction that we present our latest project realized by Michon Siding and Windows, whose specialty, as a certified local contractor, is in the details. The job involved tearing off existing siding and installing Premium Reinforced Vinyl Siding Charter Oak Energy Elite XL 16’, 8’’ / Less Overlap / DL color: vintage wicker. All Michon siding projects get Tyvek vapor barrier wrap and Energy Elite insulation installed for maximum energy efficiency. It’s all in the details. The Gables with the visible accents ...

City: Bartlett, IL

12557 W Morgan Ct Siding and Windows

Siding and Windows Homer Glen Every Michon Siding and Windows project is executed with precision and attention to the client’s vision by your local contractor. Project 12557 W Morgan Ct is one of 62 successful projects in the Homer Glen neighborhood. The simple yet picturesque project starts with the following premium essentials: Alside Premium Alside Vertical Board and Batten Siding in Monterey Sand color and Tyvek Vapor barrier wrap with ½’’ insulation. Custom made on site, the trim is Custom Aluminum Trim with beveled framed, overlap system in White, and ...