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419 Kenilworth Dr. Schaumburg Siding and Roof

Siding Roof Schaumburg

Would you look at the ombre on this one! Michon Siding and Windows and Roofing, Local Certified Siding Contractor proudly presents this next gem, finished to perfection. Trendy ombre certainly makes 419 Kenilworth Dr.
worthy of more than a once-over.

Starting at the top, a stylish and functional new roof, IKO-CAMBRIDGE LT&30AR architectural style, featuring a GAF Cobra Snow Country Ridge Vent.

The sophisticated color palette, accents and all, raise this ranch to a whole new level. Sterling Gray is now an available color option for Charter Oak XL /16’8’’/ DL, installed here with other elements that enhance the aesthetics, including TrimWorks 3-piece Beaded 3″ Corners, Cape Cod Sheiks and the perfectly symmetrical crosshead windows with gorgeous keystone.

The essential element of any Michon Windows & Siding project, Michon Signature Custom Aluminum Trim is installed as beveled frame with overlap system and custom, field-fabricated flashing.

New premium vinyl charter oak vented soffit keeps this chic home at an ideal comfort level by regulating an appropriate temperature and humidity level. New gable vents, shutters, seamless gutters and oversized downspouts guarantee this project completely Maintenance Free with a Limited Lifetime Warranty on all the materials used in carrying out the project.

Michon Certified Siding Contractor has over 25 years of experience and counting, proudly presenting projects as unique as each homeowner’s vision and needs!

Siding Roof Schaumburg

Roof: Tear off and installation of new IKO-CAMBRIDGE LT&30AR architectural style roof color: Charcoal Gray. GAF Cobra Snow Country Ridge Vent.
Siding: Premium Reinforced Vinyl Siding Charter Oak XL DL, tyvek vapor barrier wrap and ½” insulation installed for added energy efficiency.
Color: Sterling Gray.
Corners: 3-piece Beaded 3″ TrimWorks corners color: Platinum Gray.
Front gables and side gable Cape Cod Shakes color : Cape Cod Gray.
Window crosshead, keystone color: Platinum Gray.
Premium Soffit: Charter Oak, Vented. Color: Platinum Gray.
Trim: Michon Signature Custom Aluminum Trim is installed as beveled frame with overlap system Color: Platinum Gray. Custom, field-fabricated flashing
color: Sterling Gray.
Fascia / Gutters / Oversize Downspouts Color: Platinum Gray.
Shutters: Louvered. Color: Black

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